FTA Coaching Program - CPA Exam

In preparing for the CPA exam, you have to see yourself already there. Which means you’re ready to STUDY with a plan in achieving one GOAL PASSING. With drive, discipline and focus you will get RESULTS!

Attributes of Exam Success

  1. Knowledge of the exam
  2. Exam Confidence
  3. Exam Strategy
  4. Committed to passing exam

Let’s Get Motivated – CPA Exam Coaching Program

1. Coaching Schedule

For the CPA Exam, the coaching for each section of the exam is about 6 weeks. The session meets initially for a 1-hour orientation, and then has 5 more meetings, once a week, for 2 hours each.

2. Coursework and Study Materials

Each student will receive the Gleim Premium Review System, which includes a review book, Mega Bank, Audio Reviews, Smart Adapt Review Course, instructor videos, and the Coach-Led Live Review Online. Each CPA candidate is provided with a digital copy of the booklet, CPA Exam Guide, which explains in detail how to use the study materials to their fullest.

3. Live and or Virtual Class Format

The first session is an overview of expectations for success.

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